ENPATES reports and publications

The ENPATES Platform is designed to facilitate information exchange, initiatives and operational coordination in the field of prevention, assistance, protection and social inclusion of trafficked persons.

For this purpose, ENPATES has made a guidance on advocating for policy recommendations; this document aims to offer some guidance and tips on achieving policy change in the area of anti-trafficking.

ENPATES endeavoured to collect the phenomenon related to trafficking in human beings. A detailed desk research showed that there are so many documents reflecting the phenomenon, including the trends, flows, sectors and forms of exploitation and characteristics of trafficked persons involved.  Furthermore, the phenomenon evolve non-stop and scientific texts quickly lose their relevance and verity. Therefore, a list of links on these phenomenon was collected.

ENPATES did a desk review and made an overview of anti-trafficking best practices and online documents. This overview provides information, studies, experiences and researches on anti-trafficking on-the-field practices.

Latest news
Preventing Trafficking in the UK
The Anti-Trafficking Monitoring Group’s released a new report "All Change: Preventing Trafficking in the UK". The new report assesses the UK’s performance in relation to trafficking prevention in accordance with the British Government’s obligations under the Council of Europe Convention on Action against Trafficking in Human Beings.
Open your eyes campaign
Spanish NGO Accem, the Brussels-based Churches´ Commission for Migrants in Europe and partners have on 15th of March launched a series of video spots, asking EU citizens to “open your eyes” and to help in identifying trafficked persons.
Case Law Database
UNODC has started with a human trafficking Case Law Database. There are currently more than 200 case briefs from over 30 countries which you can browse in two ways: by country or by keywords. http://www.unodc.org/cld/index.jspx