The ENPATES Platform partners adhere to the ENPATES Charter on principles, objectives, activities, membership, structure and functioning of the ENPATES Platform.

Up to date (April 2012), the ENPATES Platform consists of 27 partner NGOs, nine of which are promoters of the initiative and members of the project’s Steering Committee, and 18 other NGOs in Europe that joined the Platform.

Partners - Steering Committee

The ENPATES Steering Committee is composed by the project staff members of each partner organisation.
The Steering Committee is composed as follows:

Programme Coordinator
National co-Focal Point Italy
Associazione On the Road – Italy
(Lead partner)
Practice Programme Officer
Practice Area Focal Point
National co-Focal Point Italy
Associazione On the Road – Italy
(Lead partner)
Information Programme Officer
National Focal Point
La Strada International

Advocacy Programme Officer

Policy Area Focal Point
National Focal Point United Kingdom

Anti-Slavery International – UK
Phenomenon Area Focal Point
National Focal Point Austria
LEFOE-IBF – Austria
National Focal Point Spain Accem – Spain
National Focal Point France Association ALC – France
National Focal Point Romania Adpare – Romania
National Focal Point Germany KOK – Germany
National Focal Point Belgium PAG-ASA – Belgium
Latest news
Preventing Trafficking in the UK
The Anti-Trafficking Monitoring Group’s released a new report "All Change: Preventing Trafficking in the UK". The new report assesses the UK’s performance in relation to trafficking prevention in accordance with the British Government’s obligations under the Council of Europe Convention on Action against Trafficking in Human Beings.
Open your eyes campaign
Spanish NGO Accem, the Brussels-based Churches´ Commission for Migrants in Europe and partners have on 15th of March launched a series of video spots, asking EU citizens to “open your eyes” and to help in identifying trafficked persons.
Case Law Database
UNODC has started with a human trafficking Case Law Database. There are currently more than 200 case briefs from over 30 countries which you can browse in two ways: by country or by keywords.